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Sweet wines is an enormous category in wine terms. Every country has an expression, whether it be through fortification, such as Vintage Port, or through fungal infection(Botrytis) like Sauternes. In reality some of the worlds finest wines are sweet wines, often the production techniques are financially prohibitive, which makes these wine makers true artisans.

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2011 Graham Vintage Port (Case - 6/75cl)

Grahams traditionally only deems three or four years a decade worthy of declaration, and this latest is only the third declared vintage since 2000. However 2011 was a resounding success in each of their five Douro vineyards (representing 205 hectares of cultivation), with ideal viticultural and perfect harvesting conditions. Grahams Vintage Port represents a very small proport…

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2011 Fonseca Vintage Port (Case - 12/37.5cl)

Fonseca declares its vintages only in the most exceptional of years, and in 2011, like many, Fonseca benefitted from a perfect ending to the growing season, ensuring optimum ripeness for their grapes. This allowed deep, powerful and aromatic wines to be made on each of the Fonseca Quintas in the Távora and Pinhão valleys. 2011 has thus given Fonseca another opport…

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2011 Taylor's (Case - 6/75cl)

Taylors Vintage Port is made only in exceptional years, following the rigorous selection and tasting process to meet the requirements for declaration. Historically Taylors has only declared a maximum of 3 vintages per decade. 2011 has been hailed as a classic vintage by all accounts. Ideal ripening conditions in this year have led Fladgate wine-maker David Guimaraens to conclud…

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2011 Vintage Tri-Pack - 1/75cl Taylor Fonseca Croft (Case - 3/75cl)

Perfect weather conditions have ensured that 2011 will be a magnificent vintage for port. Within this tri-pack, you will get a bottle of 2011 Fonseca, Taylors and Croft - three of the top producers of port in the world. If you are a fan of port, this is the perfect combination for you - the tasting notes for each bottle are included at the bottom of this page.

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2011 Quinta do Noval Unfiltered LBV in Gift Box (Bottle - 1/75cl)

Being a Late Bottle Vintage Port, this 2011 from Quinta Do Noval is ready to drink as soon as it is bottled - making it perfect for a number of occasions. The grapes are trodden by foot and are unfiltered, creating a ruby red Port which will match wonderfully with a range of cheeses or as an after dinner treat!


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2011 Fonseca Unfiltered LBV Gift Boxed (bottle - 1/75cl)

First developed in 2003, Fonseca's Late Bottled Vintage port is considered one of the best. Aged in wooden vats rather than in the bottle, LBV ports tend to have a brighter flavour with red fruits dominant. This is the perfect every day drinking port, pair it with a decadent chocolate tarte, or perhaps a strong blue cheese.


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