The Iberian Peninsula is perhaps the most innovative area in wine terms. At the value end of the scale there are unbelievable wines, full of ripe fruit. Equally the fine wines are capable of battling it out with the best from France and elsewhere.

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2014 Ucles Finca La Estacada Secua Dulce Chardonnay (Half Btl - 1/50cl)

SPAIN - 2020 Feb Sale Save 25% | Was: £10.80 (inc VAT).

A wine from late harvested Chardonnay grapes. The grape becomes over mature and dehydrated, and the sugar concentration is higher. However in the mouth the sugars do not dominate, but there is an harmonic acidity with a slightly oily sensation perfectly integrated on the wine and well balanced. Creamy with an intense and long finish.


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2016 Ucles Finca La Estacada 6 Months Oak Aged (Bottle - 1/75cl)

SPAIN - 2020 Feb Sale Save 25% | Was: £9.48 (inc VAT).

100% Tempranillo
This wine has a deep cherry colour with a purplish edge. Powerfully aromatic that exemplifies black berries and the bramble patch touches of the land that add complexity and notes of fruit.
Meaty in the mouth, with sweet tannins, as well as certain warm notes and a powerful ripe fruit finish.
Aged for six months in American and French oak barrels, and then 2 months in bottle to create a balanced finish.


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2012 Ucles Finca La Estacada 18 Months Oak Aged Reserva (Bottle - 1/75cl)

SPAIN - 2020 Feb Sale Save 33% | Was: £12.60 (inc VAT).

The Finca La Estacada are making great wines in the sun drenched region of Cuenca, south east of Madrid. Twelve months in American oak has helped create a complex red with polished tannins, with plenty of bottle age this is simply gorgeous Tempranillo.


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2017 Marques de Castilla Airen Blanco (Bottle - 1/75cl)

SPAIN - 2020 Feb Sale Save 25% | Was: £9.40 (inc VAT).

Made from 100% Airén.grapes resulting in a clean, bright and clear wine.
The nose has aromas of tropical fruits such as bananas and pineapple.
Fresh palate, round and with a balanced acidity.
Perfect to accompany seafood and white fish.


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2011 Tierra de Castilla Finca La Estacada Secua Cabernet Syrah (Bottle - 1/75cl)

SPAIN - 2020 Feb Sale Save 25% | Was: £21.18 (inc VAT).

This Cabernet Syrah blend is probably the finest wine from the brilliant Finca La Estacada. The grapes are the finest at the estate grown at 850m above sea level. Two years maturation in tank and American Oak, followed by eighteen months maturation in bottle. The wine is strikingly rich and concentrated, in a modern polished style, which matches the ultra-modern presentation.


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