Loire Valley

One of the most vast wine region in Franc. It can produces all style of wine like the leading Sancerre and Pouilly Fume (Sauvignon Blanc) or Anjou (Chenin Blanc) as dry wines, Chinon (Cabernet Franc) or Sancerre (Pinot Noir) for the red. Sweet wines are made from Chenin Blanc and need to be discover.

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Vin De France Melon Blanc Nocturne Pierre-Henri Gadais - (Bottle - 1/75cl)

The quality of this wine and ethos of Pierre Henri Gadais was somewhat of a surprise.

Pierre Henri returned to his family’s vineyard in 2016. He had a clear idea of what he wanted to do regarding wine making. In 2018, the Domaine received Organic Certification. He also uses 100% recycled glass for bottling..............


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2017 Sancerre La Clef du Recit Anthony Girard - (Bottle 1/37.5cl)

A crisp, light Sauvignon Blanc from Anthony Girard, a young wine maker who after working on his family estate decided to start his own wine journey in 2012. Working with a great deal of respect for the environment and the vines, he produces a range of great wines only harvesting the grapes when they are at full ripeness. Pair this with a meaty, oily fish such as Tuna.

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2019 Chinon Les Bernieres Marcel Martin - (Bottle - 1/75cl)

This is a great value 100% Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley, packed with deep flavours of dark berries and a hint of violet on the nose. The palate is smooth with a rounded finish that keeps you coming back for more.


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2020 Sancerre Madeleine Domaine Paul Cherrier - (Bottle 1/75cl)

From the oldest Cherrier vines of between 40-60 years in the tiny village of Verdigny. The Sauvignon produced is fabulous, citrus, zesty and fruity with a hint of minerality. Fabulous with seafood and great aging potential. 


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