With all the hype attributed to Bordeaux, Burgundy still remains the most complex and intellectual of France's dreamland of wine-making. What is lacked in varietal blending, as only two grapes are used - Pinot and Chardonnay, is made up for by the 'terroir' - the expression of geological and climatic conditions, which can vary so dramatically over as little as ten or twenty yards within a single vineyard.

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2007 Puligny Montrachet 1er Cru 'Les Perrieres' Henri Boillot (Bottle - 1/75cl)

Henri Boillot’s wine making philosophy of cutting no corners is reflected in his no nonsense persona. The Perrieres epitomises this with its strict substantial structure, highlighting the minerality of the terroir. There is great underlying tension and finesse. Serious stuff.


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2007 Morey St Denis 1er Cru Aux Petites Noix Dom Stephane Magnien (Bottle - 1/75cl)

The extra clay content in the soil from this blended 1er Cru of Gruencher and Clos Baulet, gives the wine a slightly fuller style, certainly a step up from the village wine, denser with more texture and more serious. Still delicate and elegant, these are thought-provoking wines from Magnien.


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