The Bordeaux blend has been copied with considerable success in many other wine regions, the ultimate compliment. The Left Bank of the Gironde River boasts the great Chateaux of the Medoc and Graves, whilst on the Right Bank, Saint Emilion (arguably the most beautiful commune) and Pomerol. Bordeaux is synonymous with the finest quality, predominantly in red wines though great dry whites are made in the Pessac Leognan, and most wine lovers will strive to taste the sweet white wines of Chateau Yquem and its neighbouring Chateau in Sauternes and Barsac.

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2012 La Valiniere Blanc Pessac Leognan (Bottle - 1/75cl)

Chateau Valiniere Blanc is a great example of the quality available from relatively inexpensive whites from Bordeaux, especially form the Graves region, south of Bordeaux city. In fact some of the worlds finest white wines are made in this region, made from a...


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2009 Le Myrat Cru Classe Sauternes - (Bottle - 1/75cl)

Chateau Myrat dates back to the 1700s, and was bought by the current owners - the Pontac family in 1937. Grown on relatively young vines and aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 18 months, this sweet wine is intense with a rich nose and delicious palate.


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2015 Lamothe Vincent Intense Sauvignon Bordeaux White (Bottle - 1/75cl)

This a 100% Sauvignon Blanc from the Entre-Deux-Mers area in Bordeaux, and is ready to drink immediately. Well decorated and given an...


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2017 Haut Pougnan Sauvignon Blanc Bordeaux (Bottle - 1/75cl)

This unoaked Bordeaux Sauvignon has to be one of the best value wines in our portfolio, its fresh green fruit aromas and notes are very refreshing, and the flavours linger very well.


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2012 Carmes De Rieussec Sauternes - (Bottle - 1/75cl)

Rieussec is one of the top producers of Sauternes in the world, creating many memorable and delicious vintages. Carmes De Rieussec is the second wine from the Chateau, and tends to have aromatic flavours with a...


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2012 Carmes De Rieussec Sauternes - (Case - 6/75cl)

Rieussec is one of the top producers of Sauternes in the world, creating many memorable and delicious vintages. Carmes De Rieussec is the second wine from the Chateau, and tends to have aromatic flavours with a...

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2015 Malartic Lagravieres Blanc Pessac Leognan (Case - 6/75cl)

The 2015 vintage of Chateau Malartic-Lagraviere Blanc is a blend of 85% Sauvignon Blanc and 15% Semillon. This wine is crisp and refreshing with succulent length and full of juicy citrus fruit and green apple with undertones of sweet vanilla. This is ready to drink with light seafood, but there is room for growth over a couple of years!

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2016 Cos D'estournel Blanc St Estephe (Case - 6/75cl)

Cos dEstournel Blanc is the youngest member of the range, with its first vintage in 2005. Unlike its Elysian sibling in the red label, Cos Blanc captures far more earthly experiences; fresh sea air, warm summer evenings and crisp fruits.

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2009 Suduiraut 1er Cru Sauternes - (Half Btl - 1/37.5cl)

The vineyards are located at the foot of Yquem hill. In 2020 the estate own 89 hectares of vine with 89% Semillon and 11% of Sauvignon Blanc. The wine is vinified and age in French barrels. Depending on the vintage they used from...

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2011 Doisy Daene 2nd Cru Barsac (Half Bottle - 1/37.5cl)

Made from the legendary winemaker Denis Debourdieu, unfortunately he passed away in 2016. This Sauternes sweet wine is made with Semilion and...

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2011 Rayne Vigneau 1er Cru Classe Sauternes - (Half Bottle - 1/37.5cl)

Historic estate, as in 1867 it was declared the “Best sweet wine in the world” and in 1855 at the Sauternes Classification it was ranked just behind Chateau d’Yquem.
Situated at the highest plateau of...

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2014 Carmes De Rieussec Sauternes - (Case - 6/75cl)

The Carmes de Rieussec 2014 is a blend of 92% Semillon and 4% each of Muscadelle and Sauvignon Blanc. It has a very pure and honeyed bouquet that demonstrates superb intensity. The palate is unctuous on the entry with a touch of ginger, plenty of botrytised fruit but just missing the persistence on the finish that cuts away a little swiftly, just as the wine is getting into its…

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2016 G de Guiraud Bordeaux Blanc - (Bottle - 1/75cl)

G de Guiraud is the dry white wine produced by Chateau Guiraud. The same producer of a premium sweet wine in Sauternes. Since 2011, Guiraud’s wine has been labelled organic, but they have practiced this technique in the...


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