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It may surprise the hardened Scotch drinker to discover that some of the mostly highly praised whiskies in the world come from outside of whisky's traditional heartlands of Scotland and Ireland. Amrut and Penderyn must come in for special praise here, Japanese whiskies having their own section on this site. This is the place to shed your certainties and consider something new.

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Kavalan Concertmaster - Port Cask Finish 40% (Bottle - 1/70cl)

Kavalan were the first ever Whisky distillery in Taiwan and in just over a decade have been winning awards and plaudits for their range of single malts. The Concertmaster has been finished in a trio of ex-Port casks (Tawny, Ruby and vintage) after initial ageing in American oak. This is a great fruity and easy drinking introduction to this distilleries fantastic range that you will want to explore further.


Kavalan ex-Bourbon Oak 46% (Bottle - 1/70cl)

Taiwanese single malt whisky drawn from ex-bourbon casks (the same ones used for their Solist releases) and bottled at 46% ABV. Notes of spice, vanilla and tropical fruits.


Kavalan Podium 46% (Bottle - 1/70cl)

Taiwanese single malt whisky from the King Car distillery, matured in virgin oak casks and their own refill casks. Notes of honey, toffee and oak-y spice.


Kavalan Sherry Oak 46% (Bottle - 1/70cl)

This sherry oak edition from the King Car distillery features the same whisky that goes into their sough-after Solist bottlings. This one though, is presented at an ABV of 46%.


Kavalan Single Malt Whisky 40% (Bottle - 1/70cl)

This is the core expression from the King Car distillery in Taiwan. Kavalan Single Malt Whisky offers notes of tropical fruit and subtle spices, on the palate. As you can imagine, the casks also mature much faster where this distillery is based.


Kavalan Solist ex-Bourbon Cask 57.8% (Bottle - 1/70cl)

Another musical themed and Solist single cask release from the Kavalan distillery in Taiwan and another award winning single malt. Bottled at cask strength 57.8% and matured in 100% ex-Bourbon casks. This distillery can seem to do no wrong at the moment with more awards and accolades in a decade than most distilleries get in a century.


Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique 56.3% (Bottle - 1/70cl)

An award-winning expression from an award-winning distillery. Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique cleaned up at 2015 World Whiskies Awards, who named it World’s Best Single Malt, and other iterations have impressed too.


King Car Whisky - Conductor 46% (Bottle - 1/70cl)

Conductor is an award-winning whisky from the Kavalan distillery in Taiwan named after the parent company, King Car. A smooth and well-balanced single malt bottled at 46% abv.


Omar Single Malt Whisky - Bourbon Cask 46% (Bottle - 1/70cl)

Nantou is the new Taiwanese distillery that was established in 2008 and this is their first single malt whisky released for the UK market, aged in bourbon casks and very Scottish Lowlands in style. A very impressive first offering from a country that has only been making whisky for a decade!


Omar Single Malt Whisky - Sherry Cask 46% (Bottle - 1/70cl)

State-owned distillery Nantou began producing whisky in 2008 and now years later comes their Sherry-cask-matured Taiwanese single malt, which purveys those classic delicious sherried notes.