Japanese Whisky

Whisky production in Japan began commercially in 1923 when the Suntory brand was established by Shinjiro Torii, with the founding of Yamazaki. It was believed that Japanese distilleries initially aimed to follow on the style from the Scott’s, now Japanese distillers have developed their own unique style producing whisky that is becoming extremely popular. The character of whisky from Japan can be sweet, fruity and somewhat floral, but we wouldn't want to be stereotypical as some of their whiskey can be heavily peated such as some of Hakushu's releases.

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Yamazaki Single Malt Whisky - Distiller's Reserve 43%

Japanese single malt whisky from Yamazaki matured in a combination of Bordeaux and sherry casks. Distiller's Reserve was released in early 2014 and has been incredibly popular ever since for it's likeable character.


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Nikka Coffey Grain 45% (Bottle - 1/70cl)

Made using the two Coffey stills at the Miyagikyo distillery that were shipped over from Scotland to Japan in 1963 this single grain is one of Nikkas biggest releases. Bundles of fruits and sweet vanilla notes along with a thick honeyed palate, great value for money.


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Nikka Taketsuru 21 Year Old Madeira Wood Finish 46% - (Bottle - 1/70cl)

A very limited release of the award winning Taketsuru pure malt, released in 2014 for the 80th anniversary of the Nikka company. This 21 year old blend of single malts from the distilleries of Yoichi and Miyagikyo was finished in Madeira wood, and with only 546 bottles available this is a super rare bottle.


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Nikka Taketsuru 21 Year Old Non-Chill Filtered 48% - (Bottle - 1/70cl)

An 80th anniversary release for the 21 year Taketsuru Pure Malt, released in 2014 with only 3,000 bottles produced. This premium Japanese blend from Yoichi and Miyagikyo is a very rare age statement example in this now increasingly delisted range from Nikka.


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