Corn whiskey must be made from a mashbill containing 80% corn. This style of whiskey takes us back to hundreds of years ago when American farmers made this themselves as it was a cheap method to produce whiskey.

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Balcones Baby Blue Corn Texas Whisky 46% (Bottle - 1/70cl)

A unique Whiskey from the first Texan distillery to release Whiskey since prohibition. Distilled from Heirloom blue corn at the Balcones distillery in Waco, Texas and one of many craft distilleries to emerge in the USA over the last 10 years. A rich, oily and complex American Whiskey that has won multiple awards since 2010.


Balcones Brimstone 53%

A gold-award-winning American Whiskey made with 100% blue corn. This whiskey from the Balcones distillery is actually smoked, as apposed to commonly smoking the grain, which really gives Brimstone it's real character. A Very unique and popular use of method seen by many American whiskey fans.


Balcones True Blue 100 Proof 50% (Bottle - 1/70cl)

This is a popular whisky from the innovative Texan distillery. It uses blue corn - hence the name - which is a type of maize grown in the south-western states of the US as well as Mexico. It’s 100% corn whisky, and 100% proof - clocking in at 50% ABV.


Firefly Moonshine Apple Pie 30.2% (Bottle - 1/75cl)

Apple pie flavoured moonshine from South Carolina, USA. This one offers notes of warm-baked apple pie with sprinkles of cinnamon.


Firefly Moonshine Cherry 29.1% (Bottle - 1/75cl)

Moonshine from Wadmalaw Island in South Carolina, tuned up with the awesome flavour of cherry.


Firefly Moonshine White Lightning 50.35% (Bottle - 1/75cl)

White Lightening moonshine from the Firefly distillery in South Carolina. This is bottled at 100.7 proof, thats 50.35% ABV making it a rather powerful yet palatable slurp.


Georgia Moon Peach 35% (Bottle - 1/75cl)

Peach flavoured corn spirit from the Georgie Moon brand by Heaven Hill in Kentucky, USA. The spirit is naturally flavoured and aged for less than a month before being bottled at 35% ABV.


Georgia Moon Unaged Corn Whisky 40% (Bottle - 1/75cl)

The next best thing to the real McCoy of moonshines, this is Georgie Moon un-aged corn sprit. The reason there is no brown-y type colour to it is because its had no contact with wood.


Heaven Hill 9 Year Old Corn Whiskey (That Boutique-y Whisky Company) 49.5% (Bottle -1/50cl)

The first ever batch of straight corn Whiskey from the Heaven Hill distillery to be bottled by that boutique-y whisky company. Bottled at 49.5% ABV with only 1679 bottles released. This is sure to be a(maize)ing!!


Mellow Corn 50% (Bottle - 1/70cl)

A sweet and very interesting Straight Corn Whiskey from the Heaven Hill company. Definitely one to try if your looking for something a touch different.


Platte Valley Corn Whiskey 40% (Bottle - 1/70cl)

A 100% straight corn whiskey from the McCormick Distilling Company in Weston, Missouri, USA. The spirit was aged for 30 months and presented in an earthenware style bottle.


Roughstock Sweet Corn Whiskey 50% Montana (Bottle - 1/70cl)

A funky white dog spirit from Roughstock. Its double distilled for a softer character and bottled at a steep 50% ABV.