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Filliers' 38 Oude Graanjenever Jenever 38% (Bottle - 1/70cl)

Matured for 5 years in American oak barrels this jenever from Filliers is produced using old production methods.


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Ferdinands Saar Quince Fruit Genever 30% (Half Btl - 1/50cl)

A German fruit genever made from hand-picked Riesling grapes from the Ziliken estate, combined with 30 extraordinary botanicals from the vineyards nearby. They use locally grown pear quinces which are grown on the grounds of the Saar distillery. Once the gin is made its infused with 2011 Rausch Kabinett wine, seriously delicious stuff.


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Bobby's Schiedam Jenever 38% (Bottle - 1/70cl)

East meets west in this amazing Jenever which is a meeting between a Dutch genever and Indonesian taste. It is inspired by the creator's grandfather, who experimented with mixing Indonesian flavors in a Dutch genever.


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