Mixed Cases

If you're stuck with what wines to choose, or you're looking for some inspiration for a selection of wines, our mixed cases have been tasted and selected by our team with the customer in mind.

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Clos de Lom Valencia Spain - 6 Bottle Mixed Case - (Case - 6/75cl)

Clos De Lom is a fantastic winery located in the Alforins Valley in Valancia DO. 

The Alforins Valley is situated in the southern part of the Valencia DO or appellation, with the Mediterranean Sea to the east acting as a heat moderator, contributing wonderfully to the overall freshness of the wines produced here...


Chateau Musar Collection - 6 bottle mixed case (Case - 6/75cl)

Chateau Musar are undoubtedly the pioneers of quality wine in Lebanon, offering a variety of expressions - from Jeune Musar which uses young vines - to their popular Hochar Cuvee. This mixed case also features two different mature vintages...


Chateau Plaisance Anjou Loire - 6 Bottle Mixed Case - (Case - 6/75cl)

Vanessa Cheneau is the rising star winemaker of Loire valley at the moment; we have been blown away by the outstanding quality. Queen of the Chenin Blanc grape, Vanessa's wines are dry with great complexity. Interestingly, the red is...


Mazzei Toscany - 6 Bottle Mixed Case - (Case - 6/75cl)

For twenty-four generations the Mazzei family has been producing wine in Toscany, predominantly using Sangiovese due to its commonly well-known quality in the region. Sangiovese gives character to the wine whilst keeping an elegance...


Bodega Muga Rioja - 6 Bottle Mixed Case - (Case - 6/75cl)

Well known in the UK, Muga's wines show a great example of traditional and premium wines. Picked by our wine buyers, this selection draws a spotlight on some of our favourite expressions from Bodegas Muga...


Blankbottle Winery South Africa - 6 Bottle Mixed Case - (Case - 6/75cl)

Pieter Walser is a maverick, crazy and talented winemaker in South Africa, producing some top wines with an identity of the grape and the region. Each bottle telling a different story, these wines are bonkers in the right way...


Yalumba Picnic Wine Selection, 6-Bottle Mixed Case - (Case - 6/75cl)

We are delighted to introduce a fantastic mixed case of wines from Australia's most historic family-owned winery, Yalumba, perfect for your bank holiday celebrations. From the first plantings in Barossa in 1849, six generations of winegrowers...