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This year’s February Sale once again offers an amazing range of fine & rare wines, amassed from our ever increasing and improving selection, often bin-ends, over stocks or just bargains we include to encourage you to make this time of year a time to top up your depleted bottles after the busy Christmas period.

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2006 Pierre Gimonnet Special Club 1er Cru Blanc de Blanc (Magnum - 1/150cl)

FEB SALE! Save 14% | Previous price: £110.00 (ex VAT)

Champagnes Special Club is a unique collection of 27 Grower-Producers who all have the common goal of promoting the expression of terroir in the region. Their efforts and the wines that result are the best argument for further exploration of specific terroirs in Champagne. It serves as a jury of peers that ensures that every Special Club bottle sold is of exceptional quality. G…

Single x 150cl From £120.76(inc tax and duty)