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This year’s February Sale once again offers an amazing range of fine & rare wines, amassed from our ever increasing and improving selection, often bin-ends, over stocks or just bargains we include to encourage you to make this time of year a time to top up your depleted bottles after the busy Christmas period.

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Launois Blanc De Noirs Oeil de Perdrix (Bottle - 1/75cl)

FEB SALE! Save 12% | Previous price: £24.90 (ex VAT)

I have a soft spot for this Champagne, beautifully aromatic Pinot Noir, gentle caressing palate, the balance of complexity and freshness is wonderful. The pure black grapes give the wine a slightly pink hue, though it is very faint, hence the name of the wine which translates to eye of the partridge which apparently turns very faintly bloodshot in the moments before facing impe…


Launois Grand Cru Champagne Cuvee Reserve (Bottle - 1/75cl)

FEB SALE! Save 15% | Previous price: £27.08 (ex VAT)

From Grand Cru vineyards Cuvée Réservée is a
classic Chardonnay champagne with tiny, delicate bubbles that you’ll appreciate at any time of the day!