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This year’s February Sale once again offers an amazing range of fine & rare wines, amassed from our ever increasing and improving selection, often bin-ends, over stocks or just bargains we include to encourage you to make this time of year a time to top up your depleted bottles after the busy Christmas period.

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1992 Dom Perignon Oenotheque Rose (Bottle - 1/75cl)

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2000 Louis Roederer Cristal Rose (Case - 3/75cl)

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Named for the lead-crystal bottles which harnessed the original Champagne vintages reserved for Russian Tsar Alexander II. Cristal is only produced when the grape quality is highest to ensure that every bottle is a glorious demonstration of the skill of the winemakers and the excellence of the terrior. Unlike Cristal of the same vintage, Cristal Rose is ready to drink and enjo…

Case of 3 x 75cl From £1,270.13(inc tax and duty)

2002 Dom Perignon Rose (Case - 3/75cl)

FEB SALE! Save 12% | Previous price: £725.00 (ex VAT)

General consensus among critics is that the 2002 vintage of Dom Perignons Rose wines will benefit greatly from a few more years in the cellar. Those who cant wait could look towards the 2002 Dom P Blanc which is currently drinking really well, and those who can will have something incredible to look forward to! Dom Perignon gets its name from the Benedictine Monk, who in 1668 …

Case of 3 x 75cl From £772.13(inc tax and duty)

2003 Dom Perignon Rose Limited edition by Jeff Koons (Bottle - 1/75cl)

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Dom Perignon has collaborated with a number of very talented artists to produce unusual, unique creations. The latest of which is Jeff Koons, an American artist most famous for his sculptures of balloon animals. He holds the world record for the most expensive work by a living artist sold at auction, where his balloon dog sold for a staggering $58.4 million. Inspired by his bal…


2005 Bollinger Grande Annee Rose (Bottle - 1/75cl)

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Madame Bollinger was a skeptic towards rose Champagne and would only permit its production if it were truly excellent. Naturally the winemakers at Bollinger retrieved this thrown gauntlet and crafted a wine she would be proud of! This exquisite wine is a blend of 67% Pinot Noir, 28% Chardonnay and 5% Cote aux Enfants red wines. The richness of this Champagne makes it a versatil…


2007 Bollinger Grande Annee Rose (Case - 6/75cl)

FEB SALE! Save 6% | Previous price: £400.00 (ex VAT)

Case of 6 x 75cl From £500.26(inc tax and duty)

2008 Veuve Clicquot Vintage Rose (Bottle - 1/75cl)

FEB SALE! Save 8% | Previous price: £52.00 (ex VAT)

The climax of the 2008 growing period was ideal grape ripeness at harvest. It was quickly declared to be a vintage year, the third of the decade! To improve the complexity and richness of the wine, 5% of the vintages wines were kept aside in French oak casks. The 2008 Vintage Rose has been recognised for its balance and deliciously mouth-filling body. It is anticipated that th…


2013 Sixteen Ridges Sparkling Rose Herefordshire (Bottle - 1/75cl)

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2015 Lamothe Vincent Bordeaux Rose (Bottle - 1/75cl)

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This is a bright and fruity rose wine from the Entre-Deux-Mers area of Bordeaux. Drink throughout the next five years to celebrate, or to honour the memory of hot summer days. Awards: Gold: 2015 French International Wine Challenge Gold: 2015 Gilbert & Gaillard Tasting French Rose Trophy: 2015 French International Wine Challenge Winner of the 2015 Entre-Deux-Mers Challenge


2016 Rose d'Anjou Chemin des Sables Loire (Bottle - 1/75cl)

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Rose dAnjou is an appelation in the middle of the Loire Valley, producing wines that are typically medium-sweet. The Rose DAnjou Chemin des Sables is a classic wine of the Rose dAnjou appelation. Comprised of four different grape varieties (Grolleau, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pineau d’Aunis), this wine offers aromas of gooseberry, strawberry, roses with mint, and…


Champagne Rose Brut Cuvee Veuve Bonneval (Bottle - 1/75cl)

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The Veuve Bonneval Precieux Rose is made from Marne Valley fruit, 60% Chardonnay 20% Pinot meunier 20% Pinot Noir, on clay-limestone soil. The style is attractive open and easy drinking with a persistent mousse, a full rose colour, vibrant red fruit aromas, and a pleasing strawberry noted finish.


Gosset Brabant Rose Brut 1er Cru (Bottle - 1/75cl)

FEB SALE! Save 18% | Previous price: £24.67 (ex VAT)

Christian Gosset is fortunate to have the finest Pinot Noir fruit at his disposal, famous as his familys home village of Ay(pronounced eye-ee) is for the this venerable variety. As you may expect this vies very well for his Cuvée Rose Champagne, the Pinot contributing 80% the blend, with a smidgen of Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier. The wine is fresh & floral with fine fizz, and f…