This type of American whiskey must have at least 51% rye in it's mash bill to be called rye. Theses whiskies carry a spicy, punchy character due to the common use of being matured in virgin oak casks. Rye whiskey is also the base spirit to many classic cocktails including The Manhattan and the Sazerac. If you stumble upon a whiskey that says 'straight rye', that's because it's been aged in new charred oak barrels for a minimum of two years.

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Jim Beam Rye 40% (Bottle - 1/70cl)

Rye whiskey from the Jim Beam distillery, aged for around 4 years and contains 51% rye grain in its mash bill. This is great value.


Rittenhouse Straight Rye 40% (Bottle - 1/70cl)

A top rye from the Heaven Hill distillery, ideal for making a Manhattan cocktail. If your looking for something with a little more kick, try the 100 Proof version.


Rebel Yell Small Batch Rye 45% (Bottle - 1/70cl)

A high Rye content here from top Kentucky distiller Heaven Hill under the "Rebel Yell" label that also produces a more wheated style of bourbon that is equally great value for money.

Not just any ordinary rye whiskey from Louisville, this is a real rebel of a Small Batch Rye. Plenty of spiced woody notes alongside some sweeter black cherry, menthol and fruity liquorice notes.


Riverboat Rye Spirit 40% (Bottle - 1/75cl)

A non-chill filtered rye spirit from Bardstown Barrel Selections. Riverboat is soft, chewy and a little spicy - just how youd like your rye to be.


Bulleit Rye 45% (Bottle - 1/70cl)

After the highly popular bourbon, Bulleit now have a rye on the shelves! Made from a mashbill of 95% rye (which is simply wonderful) and 5% malted barley. A very complex rye from the Bulleit distillery, definite notes of vanilla, tobacco, fruity zests and warming cinnamon spices. San Fransisco worlds Spirit Competition 2013 - Gold Medal - Rye Whiskey


Tincup American Whiskey 42% (Bottle - 1/70cl)

Tincup American Whiskey is named after the miners in Colorado, when they used to drink whisky from a tin cup. The whiskey is made from a mash bill of rye, corn and malt, produced by Jess Graber who has over years experience in distilling. After the ageing of the whiskey is done its brought down to bottling strength with Colorado Rocky Mountain water. The bottle itself even come…


Wild Turkey Rye 40.5% (Bottle - 1/70cl)

A classic offering from Wild Turkey in Lawrenceberg, Kentucky, more than capable of pimping up your whisky-based cocktails to eleven.


Rittenhouse Straight Rye 100 Proof 50% (Bottle - 1/75cl)

Aged for about 4 years and at the World Whisky Awards 2010 Rittenhouse Straight Rye won Worlds Best American Whiskey, a big scoop for the distillery.

 "Overall this rye is about as balanced, flexible and versatile as they come. Delicious neat? Check. Holds up on the rocks? Check. Amazing in cocktails? Double check. It’s just not possible to go wrong with this rye and when it comes to value for money the Rittenhouse Rye 100 is incredibly hard to beat." The Whiskey Jug


Hudson Manhattan Rye 46 % (Half Btl - 1/35cl)

This expression from Koval in Cicago, USA, is made using a type of grain called Millet. Something you dont often see in many American whiskeys.


Koval Rye 40% (Half Btl - 1/50cl)

Aged in Minnesota oak, this single barrel rye whiskey from Koval in Chicago, USA, uses 100% rye grain in the mashbill.


Ragtime Rye Whiskey 45.2% (Bottle - 1/70cl)

Rye whiskey from the New York Distilling Company using a mashbill containing 72% rye, 16% corn and 12% malted barley. Aged for a minimum of three years, Ragtime is a firm contender for Manhattan cocktails.


Sazerac Straight Rye 45% (Bottle - 1/70cl)

Strictly 1 Per Customer The Name Sazerac comes from the Coffee House in New Orleans, were the glorious Sazerac cocktail landed on earth, now produced by the Buffalo Trace distillery. The Coffee House was acquired by a man who goes by the name of Thomas H Handy. He also ownes Peychaud’s Bitters, (another fantastic invention, right?) The Sazerac cocktail was originally sold in th…