Bushmills 21 Year Old 40%

Format : Bottles
Status : Duty Paid
Size : 1/70CL

This rare individually numbered whiskey is in scarce supply with only a limited number of casks available. It’s matured in bourbon and sherry barrels for 21 years, and then  married together for two years in a madeira-infused cask. The result is dark chocolate and caramelised toffee aromas and a sip that clings to the palate before releasing a magical burst like mint. It’s a rare taste in every sense.

Liquid Gold Award 2014 - Jim Murray's Whisky Bible - Gold

Irish Single Malt of the Year 2014 - Jim Murray's Whisky Bible - Winner

Wizards of Whisky Awards 2014 - Silver - Irish Whiskey

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Tasting Notes

NOSE: Caramelised toffee and dark chocolate.
TASTE: Wow! rich raisins and fruity notes that cling to the palate.
FINISH: A burst of mint that ends in an intense liquorice finale.

Information About Bushmills

Bushmills Distillery A licence to distill in the area was granted by King James I to Sir Thomas Phillipps in 1608, and the 1608 date is printed on Bushmill's labels. The Bushmills Distillery claims to be - and almost certainly is  - the oldest licensed distillery in the world. 

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