Compass Box Hedonism 43% Alc Grain Whisky

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Hedonism is a seminal and award winning Scotch grain whisky. It is  bottled once or twice per year, depending on the availability of  the quality of casks required. Rare and old, it’s something special for the collector or the new whisky enthusiast. more

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Tasting Notes

735 cases (of six bottles) produced.
Flavour Descriptors
Elegant flavours of vanilla cream, toffee, coconut.
As an aperitif, serve with a small amount of chilled water. Late in the evening, serve neat. Also makes a great whisky sour.
Distillery Sourcing
Cameron Bridge, Carsebridge and Cambus, between the ages of 14 and 29 years old.
100% first-fill American oak barrels or rejuvenated American oak Hogsheads.
Bottling Details
43% abv. Natural colour. Not chill filtered.  

Nickolls & Perks´ own notes
Tasting Date : 13/12/2013

From our Compass Box tasting evening:

This is a blended grain whisky, in fact the only 100% grain whisky permanently produced in Scotland.. It was the first whisky made by Compass Box and uses 100% first fill American oak casks, plus time…Typically 15-25 year old grain whiskies are used, and the aptly-named product has a signature which is long, vanilla creamy, with toffee and coconut notes. 

Information About Compass Box

Innovative New Oak Casks
Compass Box work with a small mill in France that produces some of the highest quality cooperage oak in the world. Their work with this mill  led to experimenting with secondary maturation of malt whiskies in casks fitted with new French oak heads. This is something no one else in Scotland does. The result is malt whisky with more character and complexity. This technique is used on about 50% of the malt whisky in Oak Cross and it results in a superior finished product.
The Signature Range from Compass Box
Oak Cross is part of the Signature Range from Compass Box. The three Scotch whiskies in this range offer the spectrum of Scotch whisky style, from the delicate, sweet character of Asyla, to the rich, spicy, malty character of Oak Cross, to the peaty-smoky character of Peat Monster. Each is made from casks chosen individually, cask-by-cask, to ensure perfect maturity. The casks are combined according to recipe and returned to wood for “marrying” up to 12 months before bottling. Steps like these enhance complexity, flavour integration and soft mouthfeel. Extra steps, but they’re worth it.

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